Tupare Gardens exhibition

Echoes of Autumn
Exhibition by Tara Jahn-Werner

Echoes of Autumn is the third exhibition of photographs by Tara Jahn-Werner highlighting Tupare through the seasons. 

Many trees in the garden put on a display of vibrant reds, oranges and yellows, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Indeed, every few steps you’ll stumble upon a captivating vista, inevitably framed by turning leaves which fall to create enclaves of swirling colour.

Using a small Leica digital camera Tara has photographed the striking foliage against the stark black of a stream bed to emphasise their magnificent range of hues.

She has contrasted this approach with another aimed to capture the beauty of autumn leaves in a different way.

“My idea was to highlight leaves by shooting them directly into the sun, to emphasize their lines and the depth of colour,” she says.

“The results illustrate their patterns in great detail, and each leaf seems to reveal a lovely array of orange-red tints, sometimes lined with gold.”

Friday Oct 27

During the festival, time: 9am-5pm

Tupare Gardener’s Cottage, 487 Mangorei Road, New Plymouth

Tara Jahn-Werner on Saturday 28th October 11am – 2pm.

Clare Mewse, Ph 027 660 5523