Gardena Speaker Series with Jenny Oakley - Hanging Baskets


Jenny is a garden festival veteran. She’s one of the very few who have been entering their properties for the full 30 years of the festival.

Jenny and Guy’s garden became a Garden of National Significance in 2005. She has a Bachelor of Amenity Horticulture and is a Trustee of the New Zealand Gardens Trust and is on the garden assessment team for the festival. She does regular speaking events around the region and has accomplished a good deal of commercial garden design and maintenance in her career.

Jenny is also well known for her hanging baskets! She spent the English spring of 2000 touring English garden centres demonstrating how to make them. So if you are in Taranaki for the festival don’t miss one of her workshops. She holds them in her garden, which is a joy in itself to experience.

Sat 28 Oct & Thurs 2 Nov at 11.30am

Oakley Garden, 79 Lower Normanby Rd, Manaia

Free event, usual garden fee applies ($5)

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