Gardena Speaker Series with Mark Dean


Join Mark on an informative and enlightening talk and tour of the famous Te Kainga Marire – a Garden of International Significance for its native plants.

Mark is a native plant expert having been a nurseryman for more than 30 years as well as founding Naturally Natives - one of the leading native plant nurseries in the country.

Discover how native plants can be utilized and thrive in coastal and exposed properties. While coastal gardens are not without their challenges, many native plants once colonized New Zealand’s vast shores having evolved to cope with exposure to salt- laden winds, dry unstable soils and sand and thereby providing shelter and habitat for wildlife.

Mark believes, with a passion, that Aotearoa should look like Aotearoa, not a mini Europe.

Mark has spent much of his career acting as an advisor, teacher and role model within the horticultural industry and community conservation projects. It is this dedication that led him to being awarded the 2011 Loder Cup.

Native plants will be available at Te Kainga Marire to purchase.

Mon 30 Oct, 11am

Te Kainga Marire, 15 Spencer Place, New Plymouth

Free event (usual garden fee of $15 applies)

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